Negros Occidental: Pork Ban Remains, Negros Oriental Sees Lifted Ban

Negros Occidental: Pork Ban Remains, Negros Oriental Sees Lifted Ban

For pork lovers in Negros, the tale of two islands unfolds: one grappling with restrictions, the other tasting the promise of normalcy. While Negros Occidental remains under the grip of an African Swine Fever (ASF) ban, its neighbor, Negros Oriental, has just lifted its own, sparking hopes of easing supply chains and stabilizing prices. But will this tale of contrasting fortunes hold? Join us as we delve into the current state of pork in both provinces, exploring the challenges, the glimmers of hope, and the impact on everyday consumers.

Negros Occidental: Ban Still in Effect, ASF Cases “Controlled”

The pork ban in Negros Occidental remains in place, despite earlier reports of its lifting. Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson reiterated on February 22nd that the ban, particularly on goods from ASF-affected areas, is strictly enforced.

ASF Cases “Controlled,” But Not Eradicated

While Governor Lacson acknowledged “controlled” ASF cases, he stressed the importance of continued vigilance. The Provincial Veterinarian, Dr. Placeda Lemana, clarified that complete eradication is difficult as ASF can persist in the environment.

High Pork Prices Persist in Negros Occidental

Despite the ban, pork prices in Negros Occidental remain high. In Bacolod City, they reach P410 per kilo, significantly higher than pre-outbreak levels.

Negros Oriental: A Different Story

In contrast to Negros Occidental, the neighboring province of Negros Oriental has lifted its ASF-related hog ban on February 23rd. This move allows the movement of live pigs and pork products within the province, potentially easing supply concerns and impacting prices.

Price Fluctuations in Negros Oriental

However, the situation in Negros Oriental isn’t without challenges. While the ban lift offers hope, initial reports indicate price fluctuations. Some areas reported increases, while others saw slight decreases. Experts attribute this to various factors, including varying ASF impacts across the province, transportation costs, and market dynamics.

Hope for Improved Supply Chains in Both Provinces

Despite the differing situations in Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, both provinces share hope for improved supply chains and eventually lower pork prices. Ongoing repopulation efforts, stricter biosecurity measures, and continued government support are seen as key drivers for a more stable and affordable pork market.

Key Takeaways

  • Pork ban remains in Negros Occidental, with “controlled” ASF cases.
  • High pork prices persist in Negros Occidental, reaching P410 per kilo in Bacolod City.
  • Negros Oriental lifted its ASF-related hog ban on February 23rd.
  • Price fluctuations are observed in Negros Oriental after the ban lift.
  • Both provinces aim for improved supply chains and lower pork prices through various efforts.



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