Kentex Apology Rejected by Families

Yesterday, the daughter of one of Kentex Manufacturing Corp’s owners apologized to the families of the incident last May 13. One of the company’s slipper factories in Valenzuela caught fire and killed 72 folks. The apology wasn’t wholeheartedly accepted though as a few of the relatives thought that the owners were insincere. The apology was delivered by Barbara Ang, the eldest daughter of Veato Ang, one of the Kentex shareholders. She met with the relatives of the victims in the assembly hall of Brgy. Ugong, Valenzuela City around 9AM this Friday. She said that she is personally seeking forgiveness from the relatives of the victims as it was the company’s moral obligation to do so. She added that the families deserved to hear an apology from the company and its owners since the workers were their responsibility when the fire occurred.

Image courtesy of Philippine Star

After giving the apology, Barbara Ang approached some of the relatives, held their hands and asked for forgiveness personally. There were also instances when she was seen crying alongside them. Still, the relatives were not at all satisfied with the apology.

According to Emanuel Madiclom, the apology is not enough until justice has been served and the right compensation was handed to their families. Madiclom lost his wife Marietta and daughter Joanna Marie in the fire. They had been working for Kentex for 15 and 8 years, respectively. When questioned on how he felt about the apology, he simply said that it was already expect and that they aren’t entirely sure of the sincerity given that it could just be for show.

Another victim’s relative, on the other hand, said that the apology was not accepted. She says that it won’t bring back her son who would’ve been alive if there was a proper fire exit. She added that the apology, in her view, was simply for publicity.



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