Police Chief’s Torture of Suspect Caught on Video

Chief Insp. Jigger Noceda, police chief of Carmona, Cavite, has been sacked after a video of him torturing a detained person was revealed. The video was sent to Senior Supt. Jonnel Estomo, Cavite Police Provincial Director, by an anonymous concerned citizen last May 18. The video clip was stored in a CD and sent using an envelope. The clip depicts the Carmona police station lock-up cell where one man was shown screaming. Noceda was also seen in the video carrying a large piece of wood and shouting at the suspected cellphone thief. He was also seen striking the suspect on the hands with said object in hopes of forcing a confession. Additionally, there were also other police officers found in the vicinity and they were seen laughing in the video.

Image courtesy of Interaskyon

Estomo then summoned Noceda and let him watch the video. The latter had no comment after viewing it though. Based on a statement from Carmona police, the suspect was also released and no charges were filed. Likewise, the incident, which happened January this year, wasn’t even jotted down in the blotter. Currently, the individual is still being searched for as no details were recorded concerning his identity.

Since the incident was revealed to Estomo and due to the ongoing investigation, Noceda was removed and replaced by Chief Insp. Rey Ochavo. Noceda is facing charges of violating the 2009 Anti-Torture Act and grave misconduct. In a recent interview regarding his actions, Noceda said that he was instilling discipline. Despite all these, he said that he will face the charges against him.

Alongside Noceda, there are also 2 other officers,¬†recognized in the video, who were summoned and asked why they didn’t stop the abuse. Additionally,Investigators are also looking to obtain lists of all detainees and police station personnel who were on duty last January.

The video, which was secretly recorded from the station’s barracks, can be seen below:




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