Davao City Drug War Revival Sparks Alarms

Davao City Drug War Revival Sparks Alarms

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency’s (PDEA) relaunch of anti-drug operations in Davao City has reignited concerns over extrajudicial killings. The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) expressed alarm over reported deaths, reminiscent of the violent drug war under the previous administration. However, Davao City Police Chief assured the public of a new, supply-reduction focused approach. With public trust still fragile, the CHR called for transparency and investigations into the reported killings. This raises the question: can Davao City address its drug problem without resorting to the violent tactics of the past?

Rights groups alarmed by reported killings

Following the rebooted anti-drug operations, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) expressed deep concern. Their alarm stemmed from reports of deaths linked to the revived drug war.

Davao City Police Chief defends approach

Davao City Police Chief Pol. Col. Alberto Guibo Jr. aimed to quell fears. He assured the public that the current approach is a stark contrast to the previous drug war. He firmly stated that their focus is on reducing the drug supply through targeted operations.

Police deny involvement in killings

Furthermore, the police firmly denied any involvement in the reported killings. They explained that deaths linked to drugs were mostly the result of armed encounters with suspects who resisted arrest.

CHR calls for transparency

Despite these assurances, the CHR remains unconvinced. They are calling for transparency from the police. The commission urges them to conduct thorough investigations into the reported killings and ensure that these were legitimate police operations.

New drug war axed after public outcry

It’s important to remember the context. Davao City suspended its anti-drug operations last year due to a public outcry against alleged human rights abuses. The city gained notoriety during the previous administration’s drug war, which saw thousands killed.

Uncertain future for drug problem in Davao City

The path forward for the city in addressing its drug problem under this new approach remains unclear. The CHR’s call for transparency is crucial to ensuring that the drug war does not return to its violent past.



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