Cable Theft: 5 Caught Stealing P750,000 Worth in Bacolod

Cable Theft: 5 Caught Stealing P750,000 Worth in Bacolod

Five individuals were apprehended in Bacolod City on February 17, 2024, for allegedly stealing P750,000 worth of copper cable wires from a telecommunications company. The suspects, disguised as linemen, were caught in the act by police officers who observed their suspicious activity on the roadside.

According to reports, the group had planned the heist and used a dump truck to transport the stolen cables. They face robbery charges and are currently under investigation.

This incident highlights the ongoing issue of cable theft in the Philippines, particularly in Bacolod City.

Bacolod Cable Theft Milestones

  • 2022: Globe Telecom partnered with the Philippine National Police (PNP) to launch the “Bantaykable” campaign. This initiative aimed to raise public awareness about cable theft and encourage citizens to report suspicious activity. Additionally, Globe implemented stricter security measures for its cables, including the use of steel-reinforced cables and GPS tracking devices.
  • 2023: Concerned about rising cable theft in Bacolod City, the Bacolod SP urged BCPO Director AliƱo to crack down on the issue. Thefts, often occurring at night, disrupt essential services, harm businesses and consumers, and even pose safety risks due to potential electrocution. The council emphasized the need for swift action to ensure public safety and prevent further economic damage.

Challenges and Continuing Efforts

Despite these efforts, cable theft remains a challenge in the Philippines. The allure of quick profits and the ease of selling stolen cables to scrap yards continue to incentivize criminal activity. Additionally, the vast network of cables across the country makes them difficult to monitor and protect.

Authorities and telecommunications companies are continuously working to develop more effective strategies to combat cable theft. These efforts include:

  • Increased collaboration: Law enforcement agencies, telecommunications companies, and local communities need to work together to share information, identify trends, and develop targeted responses.
  • Technological advancements: Investing in advanced security technologies, such as fiber optic cables and real-time monitoring systems, can deter theft and aid in apprehending criminals.
  • Community engagement: Raising public awareness about the negative impacts of cable theft and encouraging citizens to report suspicious activity can be a powerful tool in preventing these crimes.

The recent arrest in Bacolod City serves as a reminder of the ongoing struggle against crime. Some progress made, but more needed. Working together, trying new things, and involving communities is key. Only then can we stop cable theft and bring reliable telecoms to all Filipinos.



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