Quiboloy: Ordered by Senate to Face Inquiry on Sexual Abuse Allegations

Quiboloy: Ordered by Senate to Face Inquiry on Sexual Abuse Allegations

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, the leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), finds himself under the Senate’s scrutiny yet again. This time, he’s been ordered to attend an inquiry into disturbing allegations of sexual abuse within the religious organization. Senator Risa Hontiveros, chairing the committee, emphasizes the existence of credible evidence necessitating a deep dive into the accusations.

Quiboloy Denies Allegations, But Former Members Paint a Different Picture

While Quiboloy vehemently denies any wrongdoing, multiple former KOJC members have stepped forward with unsettling accounts. One such whistleblower, Rene, bravely shared his experience before the Senate, detailing physical and sexual abuse inflicted by Quiboloy, coupled with forced labor within the church without any compensation.

Doubts and Vouchers: Amidst Inquiry, Quiboloy Navigates Legal Challenges

Senator Robinhood Padilla, though vouching for Quiboloy’s character and never witnessing abuse himself, acknowledges the Senate’s responsibility to conduct a thorough investigation into the claims. This inquiry adds to the legal hurdles Quiboloy faces, including a House subpoena investigating alleged franchise violations by SMNI, the KOJC’s media arm.

Beyond Philippine Shores: International Spotlight and US Complaint

Quiboloy’s persona remains controversial in the Philippines. His close ties to former President Rodrigo Duterte and accusations of silencing critics cast a shadow over his assertions of innocence. Consequently, the Senate inquiry attracts keen attention not only within the Philippines but also internationally.

Furthermore, a criminal complaint for sexual abuse filed in the US hangs over Quiboloy. A former KOJC member alleges abuse as a minor, leading to the complaint. While he denies this accusation and remains free, it opens another potential legal battlefront.

Demanding Justice: A Crucial Inquiry with a Delicate Balance

The seriousness of the allegations demands a meticulous investigation. The Senate inquiry serves as a critical step in achieving that. Credible testimonies hold significant weight, and due process cannot simply brush them aside, although it guarantees Quiboloy’s innocence until proven guilty.

The inquiry, inherently complex and potentially lengthy, necessitates a fair and impartial approach by the committee. Guaranteeing the safety of those bravely coming forward with their accounts of abuse must also be a top priority.

Shedding Light, Paving the Way for Accountability

This Senate inquiry represents a vital opportunity to unearth the truth behind the allegations against Quiboloy. It holds the potential to pave the way for accountability if his guilt is established. While the journey ahead promises to be challenging, it carries the potential to deliver justice and safeguard individuals vulnerable to similar harm.



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